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Having spent the last several years touring the UK and Europe, AC/DC UK have established themselves as one of the finest tribute acts around.

AC/DC UK put on a show that will blow you away! Covering songs from both era's of AC/DC faithfully, the band feature's both Bon Scott, and Brian Johnson performances. To add to this, the band bring their wall of Marshall stacks, and fully firing cannons for a spectacular stage show. The band faithfully include AC/DC trademarks such as Angus Young's strip, and even Bon Scott's walk through the crowd with Angus on his shoulder's. Covering every era from 1976's High Voltage, up to 2008's Black Ice, you will hear all the hits! From Thunderstruck to Back In Black, Highway to Hell to Dirty Deeds, and every other classic track that launched AC/DC to legendary status.

The band have been lucky enough to play many major shows and festivals throughout the UK and Europe; Including CoverFest (PL), Huntenpop (NL), Mockfest (UK) and Mathew Street Festival (UK), as well as historic venues such as the Cavern Club in Liverpool, and more.


Terrafyght is a hard rock band that is formed late 2013 when a die-hard rocker meets
3 die-hard metal heads. Rock and Metal… is this really going to work? They just
started jamming and exchanging riffs. But skepticism rules during the first gettogethers.
They pushed the pedal to the metal where they should be rocking it and
vice versa. This is not going to fly!

But then they see the light. In a run-down rehearsal room (where you would not want
to be caught dead) they start working on their first songs. And it sounds tasty!
Cut the crap, what does it sound like? Difficult to describe. “Screw it, as long as it
rocks!” is the band’s only motto.

Their songs feature a wild mix of the band members’ musical influences. All grown up
with bands like Whitesnake, Tesla, Iron Maiden, Extreme, Riverdogs, Rush, Great
White, Van Halen but also Creed, Alter Bridge and the heavier Megadeth and
Pantera, Terrafyght tries to write their own songs in the same spirit.
In May 2014, the band records 4 new tracks in the PitStudio resulting in the release
of their CDemo “Superstorm”.

According to the band the music can best be described as Melodic Hard Rock. And
that has my blessing!

The Mayor

Terrafyght is:

Chris – vocals and guitars
Mies – bass
Pat – guitars
Jeep – drums

Aanvang 20:00

Entree vvk 10,00 - dagkassa 12,50






We zijn blij te kunnen melden dat we een nieuwe datum hebben kunnen vinden voor de show van AC/DC UK in Azijnfabriek 2.0 in Roermond: vrijdag 26 >>>




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